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PlantPinus koraiensis
AuthorsBlaise, P.
JournalJ. Amer. Oil Chem. Soc.
RemarksSum of all percentage values 100.2 %
DAG mixture of 1,2-and 2,3-diacylglycerols generated by ethylmagenisium chloride
18:2-Delta-9c,12c reported as 18:2-Delta-9,12
20:1-Delta-11c reported as 20:1-Delta-11
20:3-Delta-5c,11c,14c reported as 20:3-Delta-5,11,14
18:2-Delta-5c,9c reported as 18:2-Delta-5,9
18:3-Delta-5c,9c,12c reported as 18:3-Delta-5,9,12

Fatty acidsContentUnit
16:03.70 GLC area%
18:02.30 GLC area%
18:1Δ9c30.40 GLC area%
18:2Δ5c,9c2.20 GLC area%
18:2Δ9c,12c45.40 GLC area%
18:35c,9c,12c12.70 GLC area%
20:1Δ11c1.80 GLC area%
20:3Δ5c,11c,14c1.70 GLC area%