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PlantTaxus cuspidata
AuthorsWolff, R. L.
Pédrono, F.
Marpeau, A. M.
Gunstone, F. D.
JournalJ. Amer. Oil Chem. Soc.
RemarksSum of the specified fatty acids: 99.01 %

Fatty acidsContentUnit
14:00.00 GLC-Area-%
16:03.18 GLC-Area-%
16:10.00 GLC-Area-%
17:00.06 GLC-Area-%
18:00.87 GLC-Area-%
18:1Δ9c39.21 GLC-Area-%
18:1Δ11c0.62 GLC-Area-%
18:2Δ5c,9c16.16 GLC-Area-%
18:2Δ9c,12c29.35 GLC-Area-%
18:3Ä5c,9c,12c2.66 GLC-Area-%
18:3Δ9c,12c,15c2.00 GLC-Area-%
18:4Δ5c,9c,12c,15c0.25 GLC-Area-%
20:00.06 GLC-Area-%
20:1Δ11c1.49 GLC-Area-%
20:2Δ5c,11c0.21 GLC-Area-%
20:2Δ11c,14c0.65 GLC-Area-%
20:3Δ5c,11c,14c2.16 GLC-Area-%
20:4Δ5c,11c,14c,17c0.08 GLC-Area-%