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PlantAbutilon sp.
AuthorsAitzetmueller, K.
Journalunpublished results
RemarksSum of the specified content values: 1087.2 mg/kg
Plant samples of Zimbabwe origin
Sum of the specified fatty acids: 95.6 %
BF3-Methylester nach der AgNO3/Methanol Derivatisierung.

Oil content16.20 weight-%
Fatty acidsContentUnit
10:00.00 GLC area%
12:00.00 GLC area%
14:00.10 GLC area%
14:1Δ9c0.00 GLC area%
15:00.00 GLC area%
16:010.60 GLC area%
16:1Δ9c0.20 GLC area%
17:00.20 GLC area%
17:1Δ10c0.10 GLC area%
18:02.90 GLC area%
18:1Δ9c8.90 GLC area%
18:1Δ11c0.90 GLC area%
18:2Δ9c,12c66.30 GLC area%
18:3Δ9c,12c,15c0.70 GLC area%
20:00.30 GLC area%
20:1Δ11c0.10 GLC area%
22:00.20 GLC area%
22:1Δ13c0.20 GLC area%
8,9-cpe-18:13.10 GLC area%
9,10-cpe-19:10.50 GLC area%
α-Tocopherol262.90 mg/kg
α-Tocotrienol0.00 mg/kg
β-Tocopherol4.10 mg/kg
δ-Tocotrienol16.90 mg/kg
γ-Tocopherol782.40 mg/kg
γ-Tocotrienol0.00 mg/kg
Plastochromanol20.90 mg/kg
Sum of the specified content values: 1087.2 mg/kg--