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PlantCimicifuga americana
AuthorsTsevegsueren, N.
Aitzetmueller, K.
JournalJ. High Resol. Chromatogr.
RemarksSum of the specified fatty acids: 99.7 %
Gemessen auf BPX-70-Saeule.
18:4-delta-5c,9c,12c,15c reported as 18:4-delta-5,9,12,15
20:3-delta-5c,11c,14c reported as 20:3-delta-5,11,14
20:4-delta-5c,11c,14c,17c reported as 20:4-delta-5,11,14,17

Oil content37.70 weight-%
Fatty acidsContentUnit
14:00.50 GLC area%
16:05.20 GLC area%
18:03.30 GLC area%
18:1Δ5c2.00 GLC area%
18:1Δ9c6.20 GLC area%
18:1Δ11c0.10 GLC area%
18:2Δ9c,12c26.40 GLC area%
18:3Δ9c,12c,15c8.80 GLC area%
18:4Δ5c,9c,12c,15c0.70 GLC area%
20:02.60 GLC area%
20:1Δ11c20.70 GLC area%
20:2Δ5c,11c0.60 GLC area%
20:2Δ11c,14c4.80 GLC area%
20:3Δ5c,11c,14c4.40 GLC area%
20:3Δ11c,14c,17c3.10 GLC area%
20:4Δ5c,11c,14c,17c9.00 GLC area%
24:00.10 GLC area%
16:1Δ5c0.80 GLC area%
20:1Δ5c0.40 GLC area%