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PlantPrunus dulcis var. amara
AuthorsSalvo, F.
Alfa, M.
Dugo, G.
JournalRiv. Ital. Sostanze Grasse
RemarksSum of the specified content values: 45.8mg/kg
Sum of all percentage values: 97.52 %
Sum of all percentage values: 100.1 %

Fatty acidsContentUnit
12:00.30 GLC area%
14:00.06 GLC area%
16:05.93 GLC area%
16:1Δ9c0.67 GLC area%
17:00.12 GLC area%
17:10.12 GLC area%
18:02.00 GLC area%
18:1Δ9c72.65 GLC area%
18:2Δ9c,12c17.77 GLC area%
20:00.17 GLC area%
20:10.31 GLC area%
Cholesterol0.21 GLC-Area-%
Sitosterol86.45 GLC-Area-%
Brassicasterol0.00 GLC-Area-%
Campesterol2.36 GLC-Area-%
Stigmasterol0.71 GLC-Area-%
Δ5-Avenasterol6.74 GLC-Area-%
Δ7-Stigmastenol0.28 GLC-Area-%
Δ7-Avenasterol0.42 GLC-Area-%
Δ7-Campesterol0.35 GLC-Area-%
Sum of all percentage values: 97.52 %97.52 GLC-Area-%
α-Tocopherol34.50 mg/kg
β-Tocopherol0.00 mg/kg
γ-Tocopherol11.30 mg/kg
Sum of the specified content values: 45.8mg/kg--