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PlantGronovia scandens
AuthorsAitzetmueller, K.
Weigend, M.
Journalunpublished data
RemarksSum of the specified fatty acids: 98.85 %
minor unidentified peaks in GLC
tentative identification of 20:3n-6
Analysis on Silar-5CP column

Fatty acidsContentUnit
14:00.07 GLC area%
16:011.68 GLC area%
16:1Δ9c0.15 GLC area%
17:00.09 GLC area%
18:08.51 GLC area%
18:1Δ9c12.81 GLC area%
18:1Δ11c0.70 GLC area%
18:2Δ9c,12c63.62 GLC area%
18:3Δ9c,12c,15c0.47 GLC area%
20:00.26 GLC area%
20:1Δ11c0.04 GLC area%
20:3Δ8c,11c,14c0.45 GLC area%