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PlantSapindus saponaria
AuthorsHasan, S. Q.
Roomi, Y. A.
Nigam, Chitra
JournalJ. Oil Technol. Assoc. India
RemarksRef. in: C. A. 122, 51366 (1995)
Oil content not given.
Cyanolipid fraction = 15% of the oil.
Investigated was the cyanolipid fraction of the seed oil.
Sum of the specified fatty acids: 100 %
Fatty acids of the cyanolipid fraction.

Fatty acidsContentUnit
16:04.70 GLC area%
18:01.20 GLC area%
18:148.80 GLC area%
18:21.30 GLC area%
18:30.00 GLC area%
20:030.80 GLC area%
20:113.20 GLC area%
22:00.00 GLC area%