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PlantPaullinia carpopodea Cambess
AuthorsLago, R. C. A.
Simoni, M. L. P.
Pinto, A. C.
JournalProceedings /Congreso y Exposición Latinoamericanos sobre Procesamiento de Grasas y Aceites.
Remarks25.-28.Setembro/95. Unicamp, Campinas, SP, Brasil
The oil consists of 30 % triacylglycerols and 70 % cyanolipids.
Sum of the specified fatty acids: 99.97 %
fatty acids of the triacylglycerols
see also Typ6_00217 for the fatty acids of the oil and other characteristics
and Typ6_00218 for the fatty acids of the cyanolipids

Fatty acidsContentUnit
16:07.95 GLC-Area-%
16:1Δ9c2.55 GLC-Area-%
18:02.97 GLC-Area-%
18:1Δ9c43.11 GLC-Area-%
18:2Δ9c,12c12.99 GLC-Area-%
18:3Δ9c,12c,15c9.96 GLC-Area-%
20:04.39 GLC-Area-%
20:1Δ9c16.05 GLC-Area-%