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PlantVitis vinifera
AuthorsCrews, C.
Hough, P.
Godward, J.
Brereton, P.
Lees, M.
Guiet, S.
Winkelmann, W.
JournalJ. Agric. Food Chem.
RemarksGrape-seed oil
highest values of 10 samples from Italy
beta-sitosterol 682,6
Sum of the specified fatty acids: 108.1 %

Fatty acidsContentUnit
14:00.10 GLC-Area-%
16:09.60 GLC-Area-%
16:1Δ9c0.20 GLC-Area-%
17:00.10 GLC-Area-%
18:04.60 GLC-Area-%
18:1Δ9c20.90 GLC-Area-%
18:2Δ9c,12c69.00 GLC-Area-%
18:3Δ9c,12c,15c0.80 GLC-Area-%
20:01.70 GLC-Area-%
20:10.40 GLC-Area-%
22:00.40 GLC-Area-%
24:00.30 GLC-Area-%
Cholesterol4.80 GLC-Area-%
Sitostanol35.30 GLC-Area-%
Campesterol84.10 GLC-Area-%
Campestanol3.30 GLC-Area-%
Stigmasterol92.00 GLC-Area-%
Clersterol6.10 GLC-Area-%
Δ5-Avenasterol21.40 GLC-Area-%
24-Methylene cholesterol4.20 GLC-Area-%
Δ5-24-Stigmastadienol3.30 GLC-Area-%
Δ7-Stigmastenol37.10 GLC-Area-%
Δ7-Avenasterol8.10 GLC-Area-%
Δ7-Campesterol3.70 GLC-Area-%
Δ5-23-Stigmastadienol5.60 GLC-Area-%
beta-sitosterol 682,6-GLC-Area-%
α-Tocopherol160.00 mg/kg
α-Tocotrienol163.00 mg/kg
β-Tocopherol133.00 mg/kg
β-Tocotrienol67.00 mg/kg
γ-Tocopherol119.00 mg/kg
γ-Tocotrienol500.00 mg/kg